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About Us

Here at Donor Jar, we’re not an ordinary way for donors to contribute to causes they’re passionate about. Because its our belief that when it comes to the actual issues that each person is truly concerned about, they should have the ability to contribute to those causes. That’s why we look to connect donors to you, whether you’re running for office or solving a hunger crisis across your state, our goal is to make connecting donors to you from across our entire great diverse country… simple.

Data Driven Donations (coming soon)

Don’t just raise money the old fashion way. Raise money through our network of donors and connect with people from not just your state, but the entire country who believe in what you do!

We’re here for you

When we say we’re here for you, we aren’t looking to just install a button and disappear. We will work with you hand and hand to ensure our software is providing the absolute best performance for you and your cause.

Customized Forms

Whether your mission is creating change locally or nationally, our forms are here to make your cause stand out from the rest by letting you make your brand drive donations.

We’re not stagnate

We aren’t looking to be just another payment processor, by this we mean that we are always developing better solutions to make it easier for you to accomplish your mission.

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